A Moving We Will Go


I recently sold this painting from my show in Evergreen. I’ve always loved it – it makes me happy. It feels fresh and spontaneous. It is colorful and lively.

Silly as it may sound, it’s everything I feel about our move to Arizona. I’ll be starting the New Year there and will finally have time for all the things I’ve put on hold for 3 years!!! Maybe.

So, even though I think that New Year’s “resolutions” are dumb (I’d rather call them “intentions”), I’ll hope that I’ll have time for these:

New Year’s Intention # 1:  PAINT, PAINT, PAINT!!!

New Year’s Intention #2:  Blog about what I paint. Oh, heck – blog regularly, period.

New Year’s Intention #3:  Update my website frequently (ahem) and add PRICES. See, I listen to your suggestions?

New Year’s Intention #4:  Get on Facebook every so often to keep tabs on what friends are up to. Stay in touch.

BUT FIRST………Finish up with our move! To Arizona. From our 7300′ of elevation in Colorado.

Good-bye House

I will miss our house terribly – and our lack of heating or air conditioning bills for 28 years.

I will miss the wildlife!

Elk on Patio

Summer Hummer

I will miss the wildflowers.


I will miss the AMAZING weather-watching!

Fog Creeping in from Denver

Does this look like a sales brochure? Hey, we’re taking offers.

But, there are a few things I will not miss.

Winter, are you listening? I like the change of seasons, but I want less of you.

Snow, are you listening? You’re pretty, but I want less of you.

Cold, are you listening? I have warm coats and hats, but I want less of you.

Tell me about your best moving story(ies) – the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Now, back to the packing. Onward and artward!

Website Almost, Almost Finished

Now that my website is almost finished, I can continue with a feature that I started a couple of years ago, before my website and blog were deleted by my previous web designer. I had started to talk about some of my paintings – how I did them, what my thinking was, etc. If there are any of my paintings that you’d like to have explained, let me know. Otherwise, I’ll just pick some at random.

Since spring is finally here, I’ll start with my painting Spring Fling, originally titled “In Celebration of Drips.”
Copyright Denise Bellon West

This was done on a full-size sheet of Arches 140-pound watercolor paper. I wet the entire sheet first with fresh water, using a brush. Working horizontally, I laid in light washes of turquoise, then gold, then pink.

I let that dry, and then I wet the paper again. This time I started laying paint on vertically. I mixed my colors with lots of pigment (not much water) and ran them down the paper in stem-type motions. When I did the last one, on the right side, I finished it with a horizontal stroke across the bottom, toward the left. This gave all the other paints a place to flow. I had the painting on an easel, so everything wanted to flow down.

Once all of that dried, and working now on dry paper, I took some more paint and a fairly dry brush and painted on some stylized flowers from my imagination. I put extra water on the ends of my stems and let them drip off the page.

Website Almost There!

After 6 months of anticipation, my new website will soon be a reality. T minus…whatever…and counting.

New Website Almost Ready!

What to do when your entire website and blog get deleted? Start over. I had been working with Patricia Velte to make some simple changes to my site (after participating in a website-makeover class, co-run by her), and next thing I knew, my current web designer had deleted everything before Patricia was ready! Now Patricia is having to build a new site for me from scratch. Hopefully, the third website redo will be the charm.

My new site should be up soon and will include many images that had never made it onto either of my two previous sites. As much as I wanted to be able to add and change things on my own, the way my second site was designed, I discovered that all I really wanted to do was paint.