Something/Someone Has Invaded my Blog Posts!

Okay, I’m not as freaked out as this sounds or looks! But I guess I didn’t get the memo. This is a sneak attack!

I just noticed that hyperlinks have been added to my blog posts, where I didn’t put any. If they are clicked (the ones with the double underline – you can see them in this post), they are links to advertisements on the Internet. How rude for the unsuspecting reader!

I did not and would not have authorized them.

Ho ho! I am going to have to fiddle around now and find out how to stop this invasion. There must be some setting that I am not aware of that will disallow these hyperlinks.

I will find them! TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!

Buzz Light Year

P. S. This is so weird. Big Brother must be watching, because now I can’t find the hyperlinks. It appears that Home Depot somehow wormed their way into my blog post and highlighted “fluorescent bulbs” and “shop lights,” and now the hyperlinks have vanished! If they should reappear, don’t be fooled into clicking.

P.P.S. Has anyone else had this happen?

P.P.P.S. I’m writing this on September 7. I discovered the culprit: Adware. My computer must have been infected with Adware – sneaky, uninvited, intrusive software that highlights keywords and reroutes the curious clicker to a store’s website to buy something if they click the link! The good news is that when I look at something a second time, my anti-virus software has cleaned it up. So, if you are not seeing the double-underlined links on pages you visit, then your computer hasn’t been infected.