Artists Helping Artists, Pasadena Workshop 2

Dreama Tolle Perry and Leslie Saeta

My 2 talented, fun, caring, sharing, and amazing teachers! Full of great information.

Enjoying 2 enchanting evenings at Leslie’s warm and friendly, “Father of the Bride” house.

Night 2 of Leslie’s impressive, gourmet cooking.

Followed by social time with the group - 33 new friends, and I’m not talking about Facebook!

After using my first week back to get caught up on unpacking, laundry, e-mails, etc., I decided I’d better hurry and finish the paintings I had started in the workshop!

First up, my vase and flowers painting still needed a little sprucing. Here’s the latest “Final Answer” on it. The lady next to me in the workshop, Ginny, said that this looked like a tapestry. She was right! So I tentatively named it “Garden Tapestry.”

Garden Tapestry, Copyright 2012 Denise Bellon West

Dreama had shown us how she signs her paintings by “drawing” into the wet paint. Works pretty slick…when you remember to do it! Note to self: Do this even if I’m not finished. I already know where I want to sign, so why not do it now? I can always paint it out if I change my mind. This little trick will save me so much time and anguish!

Leslie showed us how she photographed her paintings, by taking them outside in the sun, holding them upright (not tipped toward the sky at all), and pivoting around until the light is just right.

I did that yesterday, and I think it worked pretty well! I used an easel to hold my painting, but I didn’t use a tripod for my camera (I haven’t seen mine since our move!). The only thing I wished for was a polarizer, because I still had a little bit of shine. But that might effect the colors, so this is good.

How do you photograph your artwork? Hire a professional? Or do it yourself? What’s your technique?

Sand Paintings

Testing, testing, 1 2 3 testing… Let’s see if my blog is working properly now. I don’t know if WordPress did something or if I did something or what, but it’s been annoying the heck out of me. My web designer installed the latest version, so let’s see if that fixed the problems. First test: see if it will make paragraphs again.

So far so good, but I won’t know for sure until I see the actual post. I’m back from a long weekend painting trip to Moab, Utah. The temperature was delightfully in the 70s, but the wind was outrageous! All of my paintings were sand blasted. Here’s an example:


Moab study, sand covered

Moab study, sand covered

I have to run. I’m crazy busy, trying to get ready for my Studio Sale here next Saturday. I figure it will probably help if I get invitations out before then. Next year I hope to have an organization person on board to help me with my office work (we’re going to trade for artwork). That’s the funny thing about us artists – we just want to make art and bury our heads in the sand when it comes to paperwork. Maybe that’s why my painting got covered with sand…