Keep Your Oil Paints Soft Indefinitely

I wrote about this last year, but since it was deleted I will repeat. I was tired of having my paints dry up on my palette between painting sessions, so I devised a system that works beautifully for me. Using this system, I left my paints for a month last year, and they were . . . → Read More: Keep Your Oil Paints Soft Indefinitely

Copyright Problem

Okay, enough with my paper ranting. I want to share an incident I had with copyrights that happened as I was finalizing my 2008 calendar.

I had cut out the front page of the Rocky Mountain News on December 25, 2001, because I loved the photo so much. It was a snowy scene of . . . → Read More: Copyright Problem

EASY Way to Stop the Junk Mail!

First, the pretty, okay, cute picture (not sure why this is so washed out). With the Stock Show in town here in Denver, how about a horse painting, colt really – my little watercolor entitled “Clementine”:

Now, down to business. I offered to take care of my in-laws’ junk mail . . . → Read More: EASY Way to Stop the Junk Mail!

Free at Last!!!!

(I’m writing this Thursday morning, and then I’m off to paint for the day.) The paper is off the floor and out of my life. Boy, that feels good! Here are the things I kept in mind:

1. Don’t read it or you’ll get hooked! Everything’s interesting; you have to be selective with your . . . → Read More: Free at Last!!!!

Close, but no cigar…yet

I hurried and hurried but didn’t make my deadline of 5:30 p.m. However, I am determined to get the floor empty by bedtime (I’m writing this Wednesday night), even if I have to pick up what’s left and put it on my tabletops! (Don’t laugh – that’s probably what I’ll do.)

What I’m finding, . . . → Read More: Close, but no cigar…yet

Eeny Meeny Chili Beany

The laundry is done and put away, and now all I want is to dive back into my studio and tackle that looming paper “issue.” Then I remembered something very important. My Christmas cards (or maybe you’d rather I say “holiday” cards…), which are still hogging space on my dining room table, waiting to . . . → Read More: Eeny Meeny Chili Beany

Hello Winter

Yesterday was a rude awakening! Back to winter. It wouldn’t have been so bad if it had been sunny outside (passive-solar homes and my eyeballs love sun), but it was the total opposite. It was cloudy and snowy…….and freezing, both outside and in.

It was fun being warm in Hawaii for a week, . . . → Read More: Hello Winter

Bye Bye Hawaii

The week went by much too quickly, but Julia Cameron would be proud of me. I definitely filled my artistic well. Big time!

Flower Fodder

We finally went to the Hilo side of the island, and I got my palm tree fix.

The botanic gardens, just north of there, were amazing! We were offered umbrellas as we entered, but I declined. After all, we already had one umbrella and two rain ponchos. And I had looked up and had . . . → Read More: Flower Fodder

“Filling the Well” with Pineapples

Have you ever seen a pineapple growing? Here’s a baby one – looks like a practical joke!

Here’s a more grown-up pineapple: