Flower Fix

To help us through this last gasp of winter, my husband and I took in the Denver Home & Garden Show over the weekend. We went for home ideas, but I couldn’t help hanging out with the flowers for awhile to kind of recharge.

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Softening Edges

My “Walking Midnight” oil painting is finished, but… The one thing I still want to do is soften some edges. I took it downtown with me last week and thought I’d accomplish that by painting a gray on the edges of my horse, thereby creating a soft transition. Wrong. I suppose that would work . . . → Read More: Softening Edges

More on Copyrights

In preparation for getting my art out on a national scale someday, I figured I’d better clear up any copyright issues with my paintings so that I won’t have to worry about anything coming back to haunt me. Yesterday I tracked down the copyright from a photo that I used for one of my . . . → Read More: More on Copyrights

Works of Art of Every Kind

Every so often, I’m going to throw in some of my favorite things. These are my favorite wooden spoons/utensils, which are actually works of art. They are made by Richard McCollum and his crew at White Forest Spoons. I have been using his spoons for years now and love them! They are the best . . . → Read More: Works of Art of Every Kind

Those Darn Digital Memory Cards

I downloaded my camera pictures last week and then tried to take more pictures that afternoon. My camera said, “Card not usable.” It made me glad that I had just downloaded my pictures…

It reminded me of a bad experience I had last year. I had a week-long painting trip with friends in Hawaii, . . . → Read More: Those Darn Digital Memory Cards

WOW Show

I will have my painting “Electric Soup” in the WOW Show – a clever acronym for “Wide Open Whatever” – at Core Gallery in downtown Denver. Opening reception is February 15 from 6-9 p.m. at 900 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, Colorado. The show runs through March 2, 2008. Come say hi!

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I will have three paintings in a show at ENB in Evergreen until mid-May.

“Moonlight Run”:

“My Sedona Roadrunner”:

and “Fresh from Hawaii”:

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Stupid Groundhog!

Alright already! Hurry up, spring! I’m sick of winter, hate snow, hate cold, want spring… Looking out my window:

Mega Tubes of Oil Paint!

I paint big, so I need lots of paint. I go through tubes like crazy, so I buy my paint in caulk tubes. Caulk tubes! I look like a construction dude when I’m loading my palette, caulk gun in hand. But, hey, it saves time and money, and the paints stay fresher longer. I . . . → Read More: Mega Tubes of Oil Paint!