Toning Your Canvas

I was asked what it means to tone my canvas and why I do it. The mechanics of toning a canvas are to take some paint and mix it with huge amounts of paint thinner, and then brush it all over your canvas. This should be very thin. In fact, I often take a . . . → Read More: Toning Your Canvas

New Style

I went out happily to paint yesterday. I loaded my Artmobile with my new 48×48-inch painting, which still needed paint on the bottom (everywhere that the easel had blocked) and a signature. Unfortunately, with that in my car I couldn’t fit another big canvas, so I took a teensy 22×28 incher.

At the studio . . . → Read More: New Style

Website Almost There!

After 6 months of anticipation, my new website will soon be a reality. T minus…whatever…and counting.

Easter – Why So Early This Year?!

Easter in March?! Is the government messing with us? You know, “Why not make Easter come early this year too, as long as we’re changing Daylight Saving Time?” No way – even the government can’t change Easter! There has to be a better explanation. Sure enough, here it is:

Easter is always the 1st . . . → Read More: Easter – Why So Early This Year?!

Color the Eggs

The two funnest things about Easter are coloring eggs and hiding the baskets……and, of course, eating chocolate bunnies. Oh, and let’s not forget going out the day after and buying more bunnies at half price! You do know, don’t you, that they freeze beautifully?!

This year my husband and I went to color Easter . . . → Read More: Color the Eggs

So, What IS a Vegemite Sandwich?

Vegemite was referenced in the lyrics of the 1982 worldwide song “Down Under” by Men at Work: I said, “Do you speak-a my language?” He just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich.

Haven’t you always wondered, “What is a vegemite sandwich?” Well, thanks to a winetasting evening at an Aussie friend’s house, . . . → Read More: So, What IS a Vegemite Sandwich?

Happy St. Patty’s

I wore green today. Well, it was actually turquoise. Maybe it was more of a wine color. Okay, so I forgot to wear green! I did work on a green painting…

Beating Up Frames

Are you tired of lugging paintings around to shows and having your frames get all beat up? Or having them mishandled while being hung or taken down from a show? Well, I am and have decided to quit entering anything into shows that has a frame. Unfortunately, I forgot that decision last month and . . . → Read More: Beating Up Frames

Ti Leaves Painting, in Progress 1

I went to paint at Studio 208 today and worked on my new “Ti Leaves” painting. The first thing I did was draw my painting on top of the value outline I did last week, which, as you can see, made it a total mess:

I then tried to honor the value scheme . . . → Read More: Ti Leaves Painting, in Progress 1

Watercolor, Happy Accidents

Here was a wonderful happy accident, one where you just look up to the heavens with a smile and say, “Thank you!” I had done this painting, entitled “A Forgotten Song,” and wanted to put some more age lines on my Indian’s face.

After that, I decided to darken his cheek a little. . . . → Read More: Watercolor, Happy Accidents