Donation Bust

Well, I did it. I bought back my donation to the art auction. They were going to let it go to someone for $39!!!!! For that amount, I will reuse the frame (which was about $300 wholesale!) for something else.

With regard to the canvas, first I’ll try saving the rattlesnake mug and do . . . → Read More: Donation Bust

New Set of Brushes – No Problem

A friend was commenting recently that she desperately needed a new set of paint brushes. She was dreading the huge cost. I told her that I have all new brushes and it didn’t cost me much at all. Here’s my trick:

Look in the Sunday paper for the crafts-store ads – Hobby Lobby, Michaels, . . . → Read More: New Set of Brushes – No Problem

New Website is OPEN FOR PLEASURE…and Business

After a few last tweaks here and there, my website is finally ready for the big launch! Thanks to Pat Velte for all the hand holding. She was fabulous.

Now, all I have to do is dust off my e-mail mailing list, give it a few tweaks, and send out an announcement. I know, . . . → Read More: New Website is OPEN FOR PLEASURE…and Business

Rethinking the Whole Donation Thing

Sure enough, no one bought my donated, original oil painting during the first weekend of the Rocky Mountain PBS Art Auction. It will have another go this weekend, and they will assign a lower starting bid. Unfortunately, they will have a ridiculously low starting bid this time, and the people who buy it will . . . → Read More: Rethinking the Whole Donation Thing

Earth Day – Who Needs It?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t need someone telling me to take care of the Earth on a special day. This year, like every year, I won’t be doing anything differently on Earth Day. I will continue to conserve water (our well produces only 1/70 of a gallon per minute, so that’s . . . → Read More: Earth Day – Who Needs It?

Feeling Yellow

My daffodils finally thought it was safe to burst into bloom yesterday. Unfortunately for them, the snow decided to celebrate their arrival today.

I was just finalizing visions for a new painting (I figured I’d call it “Feeling Yellow”, a take-off on my Feeling Purple painting) in honor of my favorite spring flowers, . . . → Read More: Feeling Yellow

Oil Paints, Staying Soft

It was finally warm enough yesterday to open windows and ventilate my studio while I worked on an oil painting. I opened my stay-at-home oil palette (see my January 30, 2008 blog entry to see my oil palette) and poured off the water. It had been sitting there unused for several months, so I . . . → Read More: Oil Paints, Staying Soft

More Copyright Issues

I used the silhouette of a horse from a photograph in a book in one of my paintings. I am awaiting a verdict on whether they will give me permission to use the silhouette. I say silhouette because I didn’t use the equipment that was on the horse, just its outline. And I didn’t . . . → Read More: More Copyright Issues

The Donations Begin!

Tonight is an event I look forward to every year – the Artists’ Preview Party for the Rocky Mountain PBS Art Auction. I normally donate a framed, limited-edition print but this year, in an effort to clear out some old inventory, I decided to donate an original oil painting. The painting is one that . . . → Read More: The Donations Begin!

Website Almost, Almost Finished

Now that my website is almost finished, I can continue with a feature that I started a couple of years ago, before my website and blog were deleted by my previous web designer. I had started to talk about some of my paintings – how I did them, what my thinking was, etc. If . . . → Read More: Website Almost, Almost Finished