Eau de Salon

Eau de Salon – just being silly. Or shall I say, “Oh, de Salon!” Well, anyway, I went to my monthly Art-Marketing Salon last night – the brainchild of art-marketing guru Alyson B. Stanfield. It’s a group of 7 of us (4 ladies, 3 gents), and we gab and throw around ideas and discuss . . . → Read More: Eau de Salon

Paint Green!

This will be my “Paint the Color Green” entry. I have things to say about the Earth-safety type green, but that will be on a later post. For now, I want to talk about the difficulty/fear, that many people have of painting the color green. I admit, I was really bad at it when . . . → Read More: Paint Green!

Drywall Days Are Over!

After 3 weeks of having my life on hold, with furniture out of place and ladders all over the house, our drywall repairs are finally finished! The guy we hired could come only two days a week, which is why it took so long. And we had to leave the furniture pushed out of . . . → Read More: Drywall Days Are Over!

May Day Blast and a Half

I went downtown to paint today in the middle of a blizzard – or something resembling one. There were already 4 inches of the white stuff on the ground when my friend Jeff called to say, “Saddle up!” He had called a few minutes earlier to ask if I was going to paint today. . . . → Read More: May Day Blast and a Half