Whoa – Me Like Landscape Painting?

It’s official, hell has frozen over… After 15 years of trying landscape painting, and hating every moment of it, I discovered yesterday that I love landscape painting!!! How could this be, you ask?

The short answer is that, at the invitation of a friend, I signed up for a landscape-painting class with him at . . . → Read More: Whoa – Me Like Landscape Painting?

It’s Wooden Spoon Time Again!

This weekend is the Evergreen Arts Festival in Evergreen, Colorado. I decided a few years ago that I just don’t like the whole outdoor art-show scene when I’m in it. You know, lug your paintings in every morning, beating up the frames, and then lug them back home each night, beating up the frames. . . . → Read More: It’s Wooden Spoon Time Again!

Shameful Procrastination

I’ve been putting off mentioning this, because I’m so ashamed of myself for taking so long. Here it is: I have been working on a commission for 2 years! There, I’ve said it.

The commission is a portrait of two people I have never met – parents of a friend and their dog. The . . . → Read More: Shameful Procrastination

Back on the Wagon…NOT!

Okay, so I forgot that I was back on the wagon. I got on the wagon, and then I went to Vail for the weekend with hubby and “kids.” Bad timing. But lots of good, quality family time, which we haven’t had in years since the kids moved out.

The only sun was the . . . → Read More: Back on the Wagon…NOT!

Excuses, Excuses…

I’ve taken a couple of months off (basically put my life on hold) while my husband and I did some major things to our house. Unfortunately, since I’m the one who works at home, I’m the one who gets stuck with dealing with all the contractors and I had to be here for every . . . → Read More: Excuses, Excuses…