RedShift Gallery, Denver

Is there such a thing as etiquette for an art-show opening? Not to be Miss Manners, but the thought occurred to me after my opening Friday night. What is the proper behavior?

Let’s say you go to a friend’s opening. What is the first thing you . . . → Read More: OPENING ETIQUETTE…?

Surprise Opening!

I just found out that I have a show opening tomorrow night! And I just got the invitations last night. Hmm…

So, it’s time for another one of those glitzy opening parties. If any of you are in the area, please stop by and say hi!

The Cat’s Whiskers

The last step I had to do to get my 2010 calendar ready to go was to add whiskers to Patches, the cat in my painting, entitled Shady Patches. I always say that my paintings aren’t done until they’re sold, and since this one wasn’t sold I could still play with it. In fact, . . . → Read More: The Cat’s Whiskers

It’s Art WORK, not Art PLAY – Get it Straight!

What a frustrating dichotomy we artists live with.

We’ve all heard the words: “I love your work.” “What kind of work do you do?” And then there’s the actual word, “Artwork.”

Yet, the common (mis)conception is that artists just play their days away, making pretty pictures (or whatever their chosen art form is), and . . . → Read More: It’s Art WORK, not Art PLAY – Get it Straight!