Frogs Are Yummy…No They’re NOT!

I had 2 frogs to eat today–and, actually, it has taken me 2 days (if you’ve never read Brian Tracy’s book, Eat That Frog! I highly recommend it). Here’s his explanation:

An old saying is that “If the first thing you do each morning is to eat a live frog, you can go through . . . → Read More: Frogs Are Yummy…No They’re NOT!

Cows Are Too Cool!

I just got my “Moo” painting back from its owners. They are commissioning me to paint another Moo to give as a gift.

Moo – need I say more?

But I need some help here. What should I name the new painting?

Should I name it Moo Redo?

Or Moo2?

Maybe Moo Too.

. . . → Read More: Cows Are Too Cool!

Still Getting Those Ducks Lined Up

2011 has been very productive, so far. My daughter came up on Saturday and helped me decide on changes to my website and blog. My web designer is working on the blog changes right now. The BIG job will be the website changes.

Then Sunday morning it started snowing. Beautiful, but…

Start of . . . → Read More: Still Getting Those Ducks Lined Up

New Camera Takes Great Pictures!

Last April I bought a new Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS6 camera to replace my ZS1 which stopped working.

Oh, alright…after I dropped it.

…with the lens out. Ahem.

But, no sooner had I brought my new camera home than it got lost!

Mysteriously. It just vanished.

Long story short, after almost 9 months of being . . . → Read More: New Camera Takes Great Pictures!

Sedona Vortex Experience at Bell Rock

I promised to write about my vortex experience at Bell Rock in Sedona, Arizona.

Do you know the meaning of woo-woo (to my thinking, this means unexplainable and “out there”)?

Well, I had a woo-woo experience there last year, and I’m glad I had a witness for it. And not just any witness, a . . . → Read More: Sedona Vortex Experience at Bell Rock

Why Was 6 Afraid of 7?

Why Was 6 Afraid of 7? I’ll tell you the answer in a minute.

But first……today has been spent in my studio, getting things put in their proper places. Why do things keep accumulating on the horizontal surfaces?! There must be a “stuff fairy” who keeps pulling things out of their drawers and cupboards. . . . → Read More: Why Was 6 Afraid of 7?

The 3 Best Things about Winter

Last night’s sunset

Sunset over Indian Hills

The sunrises

Sunrise over Denver

And the cool inversion layers over Denver:

Who Needs an Ocean?!

Next to painting, the thing I love most is taking pictures. Each one feels like a painting to me.

In fact, I get so close to my photos . . . → Read More: The 3 Best Things about Winter

Orange You Glad You Read This?

Today I painted a tree. A spring tree. But I’d rather post something orange.

Poppies, watercolor 7×9"

I decided this morning that I HAD to have orange-scented shampoo. Can it be that they make orange-scented shampoo and I’ve never known about it?!

This is what my morning showers have been missing! The zest, . . . → Read More: Orange You Glad You Read This?

Onward and Artward

Onward and upward. Onward and artward. Same thing. Sometimes I have to make up words to fit my need.

Sage, watercolor 9×11"

I fiddled around a bit today and did a little watercolor…of FLOWERS.

We just had our first real snow in Denver last week, and now I’m sick of snow. Actually, I . . . → Read More: Onward and Artward