Art Humor – this is good!

Now, don’t go reporting me for plagiarism! I have no idea where this is from, or I’d give credit. For all I know, maybe it’s been going around the Internet for years. But I just got the e-mail, and it’s too good not to spread around.

(Have you ever tried to turn an e-mail . . . → Read More: Art Humor – this is good!

Light from Above…or from Home Depot

A sunset winetasting at Page Springs Cellars – Page Springs, Arizona.

A nice way to end a beautiful weekend…

It was an especially good weekend, because wonderful hubby installed my new studio lights for me! (See my last post about this here.)

This is the BEFORE picture of my studio. Hardly any light. . . . → Read More: Light from Above…or from Home Depot

Dark Studio to See the Light!

Today is a travel day for me, so I’m just going to let my pictures do the talking (talking?).

Here is my studio in the daytime (I normally have everything on easels and nothing in the center of the room, but I need to work on these paintings flat for now):

Now, how . . . → Read More: Dark Studio to See the Light!

For the Love of Birds

Denise and New Friend, Millie

Some of our new friends here have birds – LOTS of birds! We were all out in the backyard, and one of the birds, Millie, would not let us ignore her. She kept hollering out, “Hello, Millie! Hello, Millie!” They said that meant, “I want to be over . . . → Read More: For the Love of Birds

Wee, this Is Fun!

I need to go work on some paintings for my annual calendar and need a day off. So, here goes, gang! No rules, remember? I’ll start with a photo I’ve had kicking around that I’ve never known what to do with. All I know is that it makes me laugh every time I see . . . → Read More: Wee, this Is Fun!

Too Many Rules

Here’s the only rule I want to follow (I made up this rule): Always start with a pretty picture.

Storm over Flagstaff

Takes my breath away…

Okay, down to business. I have finally come to accept that I’m just not a rule follower. It’s not that I want to be bad or buck . . . → Read More: Too Many Rules

Battle of the Sexes

Or, more accurately, Battle of the Bodies.

The Olympics are over. An amazing 2 weeks, with an amazing array of athletes. Wow!

So, what’s this about the Battle of the Bodies?

Well, as an artist I am exposed (for lack of a better word) to lots of paintings of nude women. Rarely is . . . → Read More: Battle of the Sexes

Sedona Hummingbird Festival

Full disclosure: I LOVE HUMMINGBIRDS!!!

I’ve been waiting a year for this festival, and it finally happened last weekend. Totally fun!

My feeders have been up since March. They would have been up in January, but who ever heard of HUMMINGBIRDS and WINTER and SNOW being around all at the same time?!!!

. . . → Read More: Sedona Hummingbird Festival