30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge

Starting the New Year off right: 2013, a Bright New Year!!!

I have signed up for a painting challenge – 30 paintings in 30 days – with Leslie Saeta. I’ll be doing small paintings, like the ones I did for this year’s calendar.

Not that painting small necessarily translates into “faster” or “easier to paint.” In fact, I discovered that the small ones take every bit as much time as the bigger ones! The main advantage is that they take up much less space in my already cramped studio! Heck, I can store them in a drawer, if I want.

I’ve been back home from our holiday trip to Colorado since Wednesday and, since then, have been pouring through hundreds (no, thousands!) of my photos to gather a collection of things that I want to paint.

At least for the beginning of this challenge I have decided to paint Christmassy things. (Find the hidden doggie in the photo below.)

All I Want for Christmas...

I have been asked many times over the years if I have a line of Christmas/holiday notecards. The answer has always been, “Sorry, no. But someday I will!”

Well, the time has come. Christmas is still fresh in my heart and mind, and I am ready to go!

But first things first. To get started, I have decided to tone the first few panels with a bright-red underpainting. Then I will let that red show through, here and there, as I paint.

Any ideas for what you’d like to see on a Winter/Christmas/Holiday card? Do you like snowy scenes, items like brightly colored gifts, or maybe just splashes of color?


2 comments to 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge

  • Good for you- the 30 day Challenge – you go girl! I know they will be fab. so ideas for a holiday card? hmm… why don’t you pick a word a day or week, that reminds you of the season and then maybe an idea for an image will come with it. You could start with Present and that could take on any meaning or Gift of the Present? or do some of your fab animals with holiday accessories.
    does that make sense? anyway, can’t wait to see your paintings.!

  • Thanks for the ideas, Nanci. I will be doing lit trees and presents and stockings and such. And, yes, some animals. Stay tuned!