Art in all the Right Places

My son made these for Toys for Tots

My son built these 9 little VWs last month as a donation for Toys for Tots. He bought all the wood, and cut and sawed and drilled and sanded and stained, until…voila!

He said he was sad to see them go; he had grown quite fond of them. They were like his babies.

I totally understand that feeling, as that is what it’s like to have a painting leave my studio. Like a part of my family is leaving to start a life of its own.

And the new addition to my ¬†studio is my new collapsible hula hoop from Hoop Bunnny. It’s gorgeous! It opens out to almost 40″.

My new collapsible hula hoop!

My new collapsible hula hoop!

Too much wet oil paint around here to try it out¬†right now, but I’ll move some paintings and give it a whirl, as it were.

On second thought, it’s too beautiful to risk getting blobs of paint on it. I’ll try to find a spot somewhere else, where I won’t knock anything over!

It will be a great diversion for me, when I get too wrapped up in what I’m painting. I always get this sort of “electrical charge” going between me and my paintings that is hard to break. When I do manage to break free of the connection and come up for air, I always feel like I’ll collapse in a puddle on the floor.

Now, after I scoop myself up off the floor, maybe I’ll manage to whittle a waist for myself, and then come back all refreshed. What’s your favorite stress buster????












2 comments to Art in all the Right Places

  • It can be hard to let go Denise, but when we know that are babies are going to be loved in their new home… they’re just making room for more wonderful paintings- to leave you in a puddle on the floor. As for me…. sometimes it’s Sun Salutations, others a walk with my dogs, or a few laps at the pool. I like the idea of something so accessible like your hula hoop! You go girl….

  • You’re so right, Nanci! Knowing that they’re loved makes it all worthwhile. I still have to try the Sun Salutations – see if my body can bend in all the right places. I hope all is well with you!!!