Javelinas in Paradise

A storm started rolling in Monday afternoon, which is where the Paradise part comes in:



Then, on my way up to our lot to check on the house build, a troupe of javelinas trotted across the road in front of me.

Javelinas 1


They always look like they should be wearing high heels and carrying a purse, to go with their dainty little feet!

Javelinas 2

If I can find a cute enough picture, I think I will have to  paint one of the little guys. Or gals. With their little babies – SO CUTE!!

Meanwhile, I’m still trying to get the colors adjusted to my liking on my new macaw painting, “Rio.”

Copyright Denise Bellon West, macaws

Here’s a question for you: If you can debunk something, does that mean you could bunk it???



2 comments to Javelinas in Paradise

  • Javelina’s … did you make that name up Denise? It truly does look like Paradise out there… I want to see you paint that, the Javelina’s with their purses and anything else! I love your colors and the way you handle the paint. As for the bunk, got me!

  • No, I didn’t make up javelinas. They look like pigs, but supposedly they are rodents!! Maybe the main reason they look like they need purses and earrings is their built-in “necklaces” – quite a distinctive feature! Thank you for the compliment. Sedona seems to scream for bright colors! Come visit me in Paradise in a year, and we can go bunking for javelinas, whatever the heck that might mean!!