Back in the Saddle

I am back in the saddle, so to speak. Here is my finished painting of the Irish horses, which I named “Majesty.”

After months of renovations in our house and, now, months of having our house on the market, I am finally painting again. All because…it occurred to me one day in late August (better late than never) that there was no way I could possibly make my annual calendar this year. But then a voice inside me said, “Screw that, I’m going to make it happen!” And I actually did.

I scurried around and grabbed all the paintings I had worked on until April – that’s when all the renovations started – and got to work finishing them. After all, I had been looking at them for months, thinking about how I would finish them, so it was just a matter of doing it. Five minutes here, a half hour there, tweak this, darken that, etc. Before I knew it, I had 15 paintings to choose from, and my calendar was born. You can see the result at .

I had never been through renovations before. OMG, it was terrible! I thought it was great for the first couple of months, but then one day I found that the honeymoon was over, when I caught our contractor taking a nap on our bed!

Anyway, we eventually had our lives and our home back – only to find out that once we put our house on the market our lives would NEVER be normal anymore. The house had to be ready to be shown on a moment’s notice, which actually happened one night when a Hindu goddess (or something like that) called at 7 p.m., asking for a showing of our house from 8:00 until 9:00! Heck, we hadn’t even had dinner yet…nor a glass of wine! That was rough.

And whenever we want to leave for a long weekend or a week or whatever (which has happened several times this summer), in addition to packing and remembering to cancel the paper and set the light timers, we also have to leave our house looking perfect. Perfect! Have you ever had to leave for the airport at 4:00 in the morning, in the dark of course, and make sure your shower is squeegeed and that your towels are neatly hung and that your bed is made beautifully?! This is not fun.

Nevertheless, mighty painter that I am, I have found a way to paint and still keep my house neat and not smelling like oil paint — I leave and paint at a studio in Denver once a week with friends.

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