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Denise Bellon West

Denise Bellon West

Denise Bellon West

(doing my best Vanna White impersonation in front of my painting “Three Cool Clucks“)

I love anything that is fun and fresh and new, and that’s the approach I take with my blog.

In it, I share things that are new with my art, but also interesting things that I’ve discovered about life – and how those things connect with my art. Hence the title, “The Art of Life.”

For example, I happen to know that wild turkeys make excellent alarm clocks. They often arrive at our house shortly after sunup and peck at their reflections in the bedroom windows and “gobble” loudly. (It’s a fun way to wake up, by the way.)

Art connection: I named our regular turkey visitors Hunt and Peck. I painted Hunt for a wildlife show, but the painting wasn’t accepted.

What to do with a beautiful, original watercolor painting…of a turkey? Well, I decided to raffle it off at a wine-tasting party at our house, themed “In Celebration of the Turkey” (we all wore wild-turkey feathers in our hair and ate turkey). That way, only people who wanted a “turkey” would throw their names into the hat. To my amazement, everyone wanted him (after a few glasses of wine), and the thrilled winners have Hunt’s portrait hanging over the fireplace in their living room!

I have been painting professionally for over fifteen years. Color is what drives my passion to paint, and my paintings most always have a fresh, contemporary feel. I intend to blast out of the “safe” mode with my art and explore new dimensions of myself that have never surfaced. This will be a fun ride – don’t get left behind!